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  • 6th Annual Soldiers on the Sound Fluke Fishing Tournament

    Servicemen and women from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard joined together for the 6th Annual Soldiers on the Sound Ltd. Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 14 at the Smithtown Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) in St. James.This year, 123 'soldiers' powered out of the Smithtown Marina on 55 boats for a day of friendly competition and
  • 106th Rescue Wing Saves with Motorcycle Safety Course

    Summer means the 106th Rescue Wing's motorcycle riders finally have a chance to hit the road, but the Air Force is concerned that the road could hit them; with tragic results.In 2013 nine of the 21 Airmen killed in automobile accidents died while riding motorcycles. A 14-year review of military motor vehicle accidents conducted by the Armed Forces
  • 106th Rescue Wing Presents the Importance of Memorial Day to Syosset Elementary School

    May 23 106th Rescue Wing taught the Syosset Elementary School the importance and meaning of the US flag and Memorial Day. The presentation, to an audience of 500 plus students, began with SSgt Segreto speaking about the meaning of Memorial Day, included Air National Guard videos and ended with the meaning, folding and presentation of the US flag by
  • Members of the 106th Rescue Wing combine elements of fire and mettle

    Members of the 106th Rescue Wing Fire Department honed their firefighting skills this week at the Suffolk County Fire Academy in Yaphank, N.Y., with live fire training exercises on May 12th, 2014.The SCFA facility provides firefighters with training and experience suppressing fires involving homes, commercial structures, flammable liquids,
  • 103rd RQS and Hospital for Special surgery are taking fitness to another level

    On April 22nd 2014, the 103rd Rescue squadron and the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) teamed up for their human performance optimization program (HPO) training In this program, the HSS team educates and assists with the fitness and nutritional knowledge of the human based Pararescue/Guardian Angel Weapon system. Today was their six month
  • 106 Rescue Wing visits the Mildred & Frank Feinberg Division of Unified behavioral Health Center for Veterans and their family.

    Members of the 106th Rescue Wing visited the Unified Behavioral Health Center for Veterans and their families. The first of its kind, cost-free facility opened their doors to show wing members the center's purpose and functionality. The Unified Behavioral Health Center is a first of its kind public and private sector collaboration between North
  • Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary School supports 106 Rescue Wing deployers.

    SPEONK, NY - Last year Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary school students sent care packages to deployed members of the 106th Rescue Wing. On March 20th 2014, members from the ANG that were directly impacted by those care packages visited the school to show their appreciation. "It's an honor to give thanks back to a community that sent over care packages
  • 106th Rescue Wing Supports the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis

          The space shuttle Atlantis left Launch Pad 39A at 2:20 Eastern Time, likely leaving the Kennedy Space Center under its own power for the last time as the space shuttle program winds down. The current mission, STS-132, will carry a crew of six veteran astronauts, critical equipment, spare parts, and a Russian research module to the