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106th operations group

  101st Rescue Squadron 

The primary mission of the HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter is to conduct day or night personnel recovery operations into hostile environments to recover isolated personnel during war. The HH-60G is also tasked to perform military operations other than war, including civil search and rescue, medical evacuation, disaster response, humanitarian assistance, security cooperation/aviation advisory, NASA space flight support, and rescue command and control.  Click here for more information.

  102nd Rescue Squadron 

The HC-130P/N is an extended-range, combat search and rescue version of the C-130 Hercules transport. Its mission is to extend the range of combat search and rescue helicopters by providing air refueling in hostile or contested airspace if required. Secondary mission capabilities include performing tactical delivery via airdrop or airland of pararescue specialist teams, small bundles, zodiac watercraft, or four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles; and providing direct assistance to a survivor in advance of the arrival of a recovery vehicle. Click here for more information.

  103rd Rescue Squadron 

Guardian Angel is uniquely designed and dedicated to conduct Personnel Recovery across the full range of military operations and during all phases of joint, coalition, and combined operations. Its most fundamental mission tasks are: 1) to prepare personnel who may be isolated or become missing while participating in U.S. government sanctioned military activities (or missions in uncertain or hostile environments), 2) to conduct recovery operations during peacetime and war, and 3) to lead reintegration operations after a recovery. Guardian Angel may be visualized as the ground element of the USAF Rescue triad, and commonly functions in conjunction with USAF HH-60 helicopters and HC-130 aircraft. Click here for more information.
 Operation Support Squadron

106th mission support group

106th Security Forces Squadron

106th Civil Engineer Squadron

106th Aerial Port Flight

106th Logistics Readiness Squadron

106th Services Flight

106th Communications Flight


106th  Personnel Flight

106th Honor Guard

106th maintenance group

106th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

106th Maintenance Squadron

106th Maintenance Operations Flight

106th medical group

Provides medical exams and immunizations for base population

106th Rescue Wing

Our mission is to provide worldwide Personnel Recovery, Combat Search and Rescue Capability, Expeditionary Combat Support, and Civil Search and Rescue Support to Federal and State authorities. We provide Personnel Recovery to the state of New York and deployed operations that we are tasked to support.   

The 106th Rescue Wing deploys worldwide to provide combat search and rescue coverage for U.S. and allied forces. We are a World-Class Team of diverse, adaptable personnel recovery focused war fighters.

"That Others May Live"

Federal Mission
Provide trained and equipped personnel, capable of  augmenting active duty forces in time of war, national emergencies and increased national security.

State Mission
Assist the State of New York in disaster relief and other state emergencies as directed by the governor.

USAF  Diversity Vision
A highly capable, credible workforce whose strength is rooted in its diversity

wing offices

  • 106th Finance Office
  • 106th Wing Safety Office
  • 106th Equal Opportunity Office
  • 106th Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
  • 106th Public Affairs Office
  • 106th Judge Advocate Office 

PublIc affairs

The Public Affairs Office of the 109th Airlift Wing works within three areas: 

1) Command internal information
2) External information and media relations
3) Community Engagement

The Public Affairs office handles and coordinates request for speakers, base tours, aerial events, incentive flights, media interactions, and ensuring a timely and free flow of information within the organization and with the public.

To contact the Public Affairs Office contact one of the following:

Public Affairs Office


Social Media

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Just a reminder to the 106th Rescue Wing members, if your civilian employer has been supportive of your military career, nominate your boss for a boss lift. The deadline is this Friday. Also, don't forget about the Yellow Ribbon event on August 3rd for our deployed member family and friends. There will be lots of activities for everyone!
Just in case you missed it...a piece about the 106th Rescue Wing played during the recent golf tournament at Shinnecock Hills. #NYAirnationalguard #Airnationalguard #NYANG https://www.foxsports.com/golf/usga/video/1257782339525
We will never forget. "That others may Live"
For a recap and more pictures of yesterday's 40th Memorial Anniversary of Jolly 85 follow this link. https://www.dvidshub.net/feature/jolly85
Tune in to the Jolly85 Memorial live stream from the VFW 1505 on June 13 at 845 a.m. https://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/15700
FRANCIS S. GABRESKI ANGB, New York - Team Rescue TV News provides monthly news updates for the 106th Rescue Wing members, family and community. Published June 1, 2018.
Colonel Bank and Command Chief Hewson would like to thank the Chief, Top III and Enlisted Councils for their support today. They would also like to thank the Human Resource Advisor, instructors and all volunteers that helped and participated in the E1 - E4 mentoring course. Special thanks goes out to New York State Command Chief Dooley for her opening remarks.
Remembering our fallen this Memorial Day weekend. 🇺🇸
Today, we remember our brothers and sisters who have given their lives for our freedom. Thank you.
Congratulations also to newly promoted Chief Master Sergeant Joseph Perno of the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Chief Master Sergeant Matt Morgan of Security Forces and Chief Master Sergeant Joseph Spadavecchia of the 103rd Rescue Squadron.
Congratulation to Lt. Col Charles Killian, the new Mission Support Group Commander, May 5, 2018.
Please understand that every Airman in this room is critical to our Wing's mission of saving lives. Gathered here are difference makers from Team Rescue New York. We lead making decisions that are repeatable and defendable and checking emotion at the door! These things we do that others may live! -106th Command Chief, CMSgt Michael Hewson.
FRANCIS S. GABRESKI ANGB, New York - Team Rescue TV News provides monthly news updates for the 106th Rescue Wing members, family and community. Published May 3, 2018.
Col Nicholas Broccoli, 106th Rescue Wing Vice Commander assigned to the New York Air National Guard, took his last flight, also known as fini-flight, in an HH-60 Pave Hawk, at the 106th Rescue Wing, Westhampton Beach N.Y, April 30. Col Broccoli is retiring after 30 years of military service to his country.
Dignity, Honor and Respect.
That Others May Live Foundation
FRANCIS S. GABRESKI ANGB, New York - Team Rescue TV News provides monthly news updates for the 106th Rescue Wing members, family and community. Published April 7, 2018.