106th Recruiting

The General Number is 631-723-7339
The General Fax is 631-723-7411

MSgt Matt Repp
Recruiting Office Supervisor
Office: 631-723-7458
Cell: 631-291-2954
Email: matthew.repp.1@us.af.mil

TSgt Diana Gocool
Retention Office Manager
Office: 631-723-7454
Cell: 631-291-3547
Email: diana.gocool@us.af.mil 

TSgt Christopher Gee
Enlisted Recruiter
Office: 631-723-7197
Cell: 631-461-1684
Email: christopher.gee.2@us.af.mil

TSgt Joseph Cacoperdo
Enlisted Recruiter
Office: 631-723-7343
Cell: 631-291-2352
Email: joseph.cacoperdo@us.af.mil