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Members of the 106th Rescue Wing attend 7th Annual Fishing Tournament

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Cambridge
  • 106th Rescue Wing
SMITHTOWN, NEW YORK -Staff Sgt. Chris Arrigo, a member of the 106th Rescue Wing, helped land  the winning fish at the annual Soldiers on the Sound Fishing Tournament held at the Smithtown Bay Yacht Club June 13.

Arrigo and boat captain Tony Voelker helped 16-year old Jake DeLeo land the biggest fluke fish caught that day. The winning fish weighed in at 6 pounds, 1 3/8 ounces.
He almost fell overboard helping Jake net the winning catch, Arrigo recalled.

"The fish was big and flat so it wouldn't go in the net. I had to turn it sideways to finally get it in.  Then we saw the rigging was stretched out and we could have lost the fish. The fish was so big, we had to put it another cooler," Arrigo said.

While DeLeo caught the biggest fish, Arrigo also had a good day on the water in his first time participating in the competition, Voelker said.
Arrigo had the "hottest reel on the boat.  He must have caught 4-5 fish himself." Voelker said.

Arrigo was 1 of 90 106th Rescue Wing members who took part in the seventh Annual Soldiers on the Sound fishing tournament.

135 members of the Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army and Coast Guard brought their best fluke fishing poles out to compete in the Soldiers on the Sound Fishing Tournament.

The tournament's volunteers catered to military men and women for the day by providing 60 boats, each with a captain and first mate, food and raffle prices. The winner of the tournament name is added to the coveted winner's plaque which is proudly displayed in the Smithtown Bay Yacht Club lobby. They also received a 55" flat screen TV.

It's a fantastic event and I have never missed one since its inception, said Senior Master Sgt. Edward Metcalf, base training manager from the 106th Rescue Wing.
"The time and effort it must take to organize this event is hard to fathom. I cannot overstate how appreciative I am towards these fine people and their efforts towards rewarding members of the military. May God bless them and their families," Metcalf said.

The Soldiers on the Sound Fishing Tournament is an annual fishing tournament with the goal of giving back and honoring the members of our armed forces who have served or are currently serving our country.

The event is open to active serviceman and reservists and is supported 100% by volunteers and donations.