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106th Rescue Wing to Support Presidential Inauguration

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Daniel H. Farrell
  • 106th Rescue Wing

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has assigned 1,000 New York National Guard members to assist the D.C. National Guard until shortly after the presidential inauguration, in operation Task Force Guardian Civil Disturbance Response.

“We are proud to be here,” said Senior Master Sergeant Scott Walsh, the 106th Security Forces team leader during the operation. “We are happy to support the National Guard Bureau any way we can.”

Of the 1,000 guard members responding to D.C., the New York Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing sent 21 Security Forces Airmen.

The team of Security Forces members arrived in Washington D.C. on January 8th and were deputized as Special Police by the D.C. National Guard, said Walsh.

“This is not the first inauguration we’ve supported,” said Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Morgan. “I’ve supported President Bush’s inauguration in 2004. We’ve sent a squad down to support President Obama inauguration in 2012….We were positioned around the Capitol grounds and a presence just in case happened and just keeping the peace.”

Although, the exact role of the 106th members in the inauguration is unknown at press time, the commander of the 106th Security Forces Squadron is sure members are ready any tasking.

“Our 21 defenders come from a diverse background, and I know they have all the training they need to be successful,” said Capt. Katelin Morrissey, 106th Security Forces commander.