December Commander's Column - Outstanding!

F.S. Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach, N.Y. --
Team Rescue - the 106th RQW received an OUTSTANDING on our recent Stan Eval visit! Congratulations goes out to the Operations Group for achieving the highest rating for an Aircrew Stan Eval Visit (ASEV). The inspection which occurred over several months involving our partners from other units along with higher headquarters evaluators from Air Combat Command (ACC) demonstrates that we are the best in the business. The Operations Group really showed their expertise through exemplary checkrides, ground evals, testing and a superior Stan Eval program. Our "Outstanding" rating in the Operations Group ASEV forges the way ahead for the Wing in our focus on compliance. To Lt. Col. Reilly and the Operations Group, thanks for leading the charge, and thanks to the entire Wing for your outstanding effort. Nice teamwork- this is a team win!

Remember - that is our job - to fly, fight and win! I trust you all have been able to take in President Obama's address from West Point the other evening. Indeed, as members of the military community, it is our responsibility to understand and know our mission and our future missions. The call for 30K more troops will undoubtedly provide a continuing dynamic that is inherently a part of the Personnel Recovery (PR) mission - Our Mission - provide a trained and equipped rescue force and expeditionary combat support (ECS) force capable of responding to and sustaining our Federal and State missions. And any Outstanding unit is always ready to execute, as we did two weeks ago during a challenging Civil SAR, as we did throughout 2009, as we will today, tomorrow, in 2010 and beyond so "That Others May Live." We need to be strong in compliance because doing so saves scarce resources, increases our safety margins and most importantly, saves lives! There should be no doubt that an "Outstanding" ASEV translates to effective and efficient mission accomplishment equals lives saved! So does the President's message change the way we do things? Of course, we need to be more focused than ever, more efficient than ever and more flexible than ever. Fortunately, that's our nature, our culture, what we strive for - that's why we do what we do -remember that we are the world's PR experts!
I also want to recognize the exceptional efforts of all our 106th family in honoring and contributing to this year's Veteran's Day activities. I was extremely fortunate to have a "front row seat" to view the day's events from the side door of our HH-60, what a ride, what a view. We could see the parade route from above as all our Family Readiness Group participants proudly carried a bright yellow 106th RQW banner in the parade - thank you all! And of course the crowd on the Intrepid and the USS New York was awesome as the HH-60 2-ship conducted an incredible rescue demonstration showcasing our Guardian Angel weapons system employing and plunging into the mighty Hudson for all to see. You will certainly enjoy the amazing work of our wing Public Affairs, Recruiters, Visual Information specialists and many others as you peruse the pages herein. Noteworthy are the 106 RQW partners and partnerships, established and developing, that are the content of this month's Team Rescue articles and of course the accompanying superior quality photographs.

Your service in defense of our nation to secure peace and prosperity around the globe is heroic and demonstrates the selfless dedication you and your families have with regards to protecting our liberties and freedom. Please ensure our future strength in this endeavor by protecting one another through thinking and promoting safety. Keep an eye on one another, especially this holiday season. We can all start with a basic requirement - the law - buckle your seatbelts wingmen! Please read the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force's message in this issue of Team Rescue. We need everyone back safe and healthy to move out into the New Year!
Thank you for all you do and Happy Holidays!!