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106th RQW, it has been a busy Spring, the delay in getting a written message out to the Wing can only be explained in part by my recent TDY to Kirtland AFB where some of the USAF's finest (and bravest) strained to instruct me to hover the HH-60G - thanks all, it was a super school! Prevalent over the past few drills has been the theme of compliance through robust teambuilding and process refinement. To get the message out we have utilized the Live-Cam and our new Did-You-Know series, stretching technology each UTA through the ingenuity of many, to showcase various sections throughout the Wing. We have had some great Wing formations to recognize our Wingmen, their career accomplishments and to also bring home through live demonstrations and displays, the importance of safety concepts entering the 101 Critical Days of Summer and beyond. Wingman showing Wingman - everyone contributing to improving one another in all that we do so we can - Fly, Fight and Win!

We had a super solid performance on the LCAP in February, reinvigorating our Wing documentation on our approach to our major Air Combat Command (ACC) Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) in August (to be quickly followed by an ESOHCAMP). Compliance with laws and regulations is a foundational concept in our military, essential to winning and we will excel. Along with UCI prep, we introduced our focus on Health Promotion in March as we prepare for the new fitness program - think of it as essentially a more focused Self Inspection of you as an individual and also as part of the fighting team's fitness. We established a renewed emphasis on the overall health and fitness of our members including their families; all part of a holistic approach to maintaining/improving the "human weapons system" and it is not something you change overnight. By the end of summer, we will have a much greater level of compliance along with a healthier and fit fighting force. In April we showcased our Civil Engineering Squadron and their important work at GTMO. We also addressed a very serious issue - zero tolerance for illicit drug use - military service does not mix with illegal drugs. Wingmen: this is an integrity, excellence and service before self issue. In May, you guessed it, compliance and teamwork. Our exceptional Wing Safety team put together a superb live 101 Critical Days demo to bring safety issues, suicide rates among the military and PMV tragedies to the forefront and to share this knowledge with family and friends. Our nation is at war and we need each and every Airman as part of the fight in the best condition possible and that includes the health, wellness and safety of family and friends.

The Wing's overall focus can really be summarized by major themes that involve Teamwork and Compliance utilizing Wingman Concepts and Self Inspection tools. As Wingman we comply through vigorous Self Inspection programs utilizing our Continuous Process Improvement tools to make us a better fighting team. As we ramp up to host our gaining MAJCOM inspectors from ACC for the UCI, we need to be mindful of the pace and keep those 101 critical days of summer lesson plans on the front burner too. While a good Self Inspection house cleaning is going to go a long way in preparing us for our Personnel Recovery mission, we must do it safely, we will all do it together and we must be the best Wingman we can be. Everyone is responsible to keep the pace safe!
Thanks for all you do!!