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Lt Col Brian J. McNamara, Wing Chaplain: bmcnamara@drvc.org
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Maj Sung H. Lee, Chaplain   sunghlee1226@gmail.com
SSgt. Joseph F. Iuliucci, Jr., NCOIC, Chapel Programs
SrA Anthony J. Villalon, Chaplain Assistant

STRONG BONDS is a Chaplain-sponsored weekend experience for military members and their families.  Events are held for singles, married couples or families.  STRONG BONDS is conducted at an off-site retreat format in order to maximize the experience.  The weekend retreat provides a fun, safe and secure environment in which to address relationships or life issues (such as deployments, relocation's and military lifestyle stressors).


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There is a story told about a man who died and went to the gates of heaven. An angel of the Lord appeared to him and offered to show the man a view of heaven and hell. They proceeded to go to a visit of hell first. When the two arrived the man was astonished to see a beautiful table, filled with wonderful foods, fine china and exquisite linens. Surprised, the man asked what this scene was all about; can this really be hell?" Observe closely, "the angel instructed. The man then noticed that while all this wonderful food was bountiful, those in hell could not eat the food because their utensils were tied to their elbows and hence they could not put food in their mouths. Thus, hell was the frustration of not being able to enjoy the beauty of the feast.
The angel then took the man to see heaven. It appeared to be the same scene as hell: a beautiful table, wonderful foods, fine china and exquisite linens and, just as in hell, the utensils were tied to their elbows! "What is this?" the man exclaimed! "Can heaven be the same as hell?" "Observe closely," the angel instructed the man once again.
And then the man saw and understood. As the man observed the people in heaven, he noticed that one person would take the food in his fork and then turn to feed the person next to him. The man now realized the difference. In hell, there is only selfishness and frustration; in heaven, there is sharing and joy.
Each day, in our daily lives, in our daily routines, we are faced with choices. We have the opportunity to bring a little heaven into our world and work: to bring forth the gift of sharing and joy, or we have the opportunity to choose to bring the opposite: selfishness and frustration. What will your choice be: will you choose to bring a bit of heaven to earth today?


            There is a story told about an old rabbi who was a teacher. He excused himself from the classroom at one point and instructed his students to study the scripture texts until he returned. As soon as he left, however, some of the students took out a checker board and began to play checkers.  The rabbi came back unexpectedly and surprised the checker players. “Do you know the rules of checkers?”, the rabbi asked. Not wanting to offend their teacher, the students asked the rabbi to show them. It was only years later that the students realized that the rabbi taught them a lesson about life as well.

            There are three rules to checkers. Rule #1, you only make one move at a time; you cannot make a number of moves simultaneously. Rule #2, you always move forward; you cannot move backwards or sideways. Rule #3, when you get to the lowest rank, when you are at the bottom row, you are crowned king.

            Life is a lot like a game of checkers. There are three rules for leading a fulfilled life. Rule#1, you only make one move at a time. So many times in life, we can almost feel overwhelmed by situations, decisions, etc. Such feelings can paralyze us and nothing is accomplished. Rule #1, you can make moves or decisions one at a time and slowly but surely become all that you can be. Rule #2, you always move forward; you do not go backwards. Many times in life, we do certain actions that we later regret. These actions or words can be done in times of anger, despondency, jealousy, etc. We then have a choice. We can choose to forgive people(and, above all, ourselves) and thus “move forward” or we can choose not to forgive ourselves and others and always look behind us, to the past and miss the beauty of life ahead.  Rule #2, you always move forward, not backwards. Rule #3, when you get to the lowest rank, when you are at the bottom row, you are crowned king. When we choose to help people, when we choose to serve and not be served, that is really when we become kings, that is really when we act regally. It is when we love people, a love which is seen in our actions, that we become all that we can be. Rule #3, when you are at the lowest rank, when you are at the bottom row, you are crowned a king.

            Every day, each one of us has to make a decision whether we want to grow as persons or not to grow as persons. What will your choice be? Perhaps the rules of checkers will help!

4 pillars of CAF

Approaching life's challenges in a positive way by demonstrating self-control, stamina and good character with choices and actions; seeking help and offering help.

Physical: Performing and excelling in physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition derived through exercise, nutrition and training.

Social: Developing and maintaining trusted,  valued friendships that are personally fulfilling and foster good communication, including exchange

Spiritual: Strengthening a set of beliefs, principles or values that sustain an individual's sense of well-being and purpose.

Spiritual fitness is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It's essential to an  individual's resiliency as esprit de corps is vital to a unit's mission accomplishment.

It includes but not limited to worldviews, religious faith, sense of purpose, sense of connectedness, values, ethics and morals.

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